1. A truly striking song from Capital Cities (a new discovery) – Farrah Fawcett Hair

    The song initially starts as a hilarious audio parody of (American) modern hipster culture and society.

    It later transitions into a surprisingly perceptive and (perhaps) heartwarming series of quotations about what people love about life. 

    A couple of other songs from Capital Cities that have really caught my attention (in all honesty, the entire album is fantastic) have been inserted below: 

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  2. 'j', 'k' and 'l'

    Just discovered quite a nice feature on Tumblr.

    Streamlines when I browse through an artist/designer’s work on Tumblr.


    j: To scroll up (move focus)

    k: To scroll down

    l: To like


  3. Welcome to summer. 

    St. Lucia’s ‘Elevate' is an aurally stunning song, that is intensely uplifting and infinitely hopeful.

    It’s a great way to set the mood for the next few months while we all relax and enjoy ourselves.

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  4. Welcome to the season of sunshine, where the daylight hours extend beyond your imagination, and where you are truly able to enjoy yourself and relax. 

    Neuepolis presents: #welcome to summer, a music feature series that will replace the current Sunday posting schedule, bringing the best songs appropriate for the summer mood.

    We will start off with a very chill (yet dreamy, at the same time) tune: the Death of Pop’s ‘Whenever’. 

    The new and upcoming band hails from Dorset, a very relaxed county located at the south west of England. The EP drops on the 28th of July.

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  5. Crisp. Light.

    The feeling of chillness immediately rushes in right after the first second of the song. There is no gradual buildup to this feeling. 

    A sudden wave of realisation that summer is finally here. 

    Elation builds up as you bask in the song, with trumpets interspersing in between.

    Absolutely wonderful.

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  6. Gloriously dreamy and hopeful. 

    As the caption of the song (on SoundCloud) suggests – it’s perfect for ‘for night walks through strange cities’.



  7. Slowly subtle. Emotive. Inspirational.

    Great song.

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  8. prostheticknowledge:

    Will Galleries and Museums Ever Embrace Animated GIF Art?

    Article for Artnet by Paddy Johnson examines the issues of GIFs as a medium for Art and Galleries.

    The year 2012 was a momentous one for the animated GIF. The popularity of Dump.fm was just beginning to fade, but the platform, which facilitates real-time chat with images, had sparked GIF-making among countless creatives, from programmers and musicians to designers and visual artists. With the rise of Tumblr, and the launch of Google+—social networks used extensively by artists to connect with each other and share GIFs—the medium became so ubiquitous that it was even dubbed the “Word of the Year” by the Oxford Dictionary.

    She talks to myself as well as many artists including Tom Moody, anthonyantonellis, Lorna Mills, Jennifer Chan, Andrew Benson and abillmiller.

    You can read the article here

    [Above GIF is from nicolassassoon's 'Homeland Securities' series (2012)]

    First reblog on Tumblr.

    Fascinating read, about one of the movements in modern 21st century art forms.

    With the ever-advancing nature of technology, how will culture and society exist and be remembered now, and in the future?

    Another article on the same topic.


  9. It’s hard to believe that Imagine Dragons emerged on the international music stage 3 years ago. Seemed almost like yesterday that their hit song, Radioactive hit the web and set it on fire.

    Amsterdam is one of their less well known songs, but nevertheless, still fantastic. Hopeful emotions pulsate from the combination of Dan Reynold’s impassioned voice and guitar riffs. 

    Quite an inspirational song for those who have challenges lying ahead.

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  10. Hauntingly beautiful. 

    It fit the film that it featured in (‘The Great Gatsby' (2013)) very well.

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